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8 essential Brazilian Portuguese phrases


30th November 2015

Emily Robertshaw

You might have been inspired to plan a trip to Rio after watching all of the coverage of the Olympic Games. Luckily our handy phrases will prepare you for your trip!


1) Que legal (How cool!)

How do you say it? Ki lay-gawh

How do you use it? You’ve heard there’s plans for an awesome party

Like Carnaval…



2) E aí? (What’s up?/ How’s it going?)

How do you say it? Ee eye ee? (Think that start of “Old Macdonald had a farm”)

How do you use it? It’s a very flexible phrase – you can use it when you bump into friends on the beach and want to find out how they are.


3) Beleza! (It’s all good/definitely: literally means “beauty”)

How do you say it? Bell-ay-za

How do you use it? When you’ve just made plans with friends for later and are leaving. “So I’ll see you later?” “Beleza!


4) Tá ligado? (Do you get me?)

How do you say it? Exactly how it’s written!

How do you use it? Rhetorical question to check if someone’s understood your gist or to emphasize something you’re saying. “I’m so excited to see the game, tá ligado?!”


5) Com certeza!

How do you say it? Koh-oong seh-teh-zah

How do you use it? When you’re absolutely certain about something, a bit like “Of course!” and “Definitely!”


6) De boa!

How do you say it? Gee bow-ah

How do you use it? This phrase is a quick way of saying “all good”, if someone asks how you are you can say “estou de boa” – I’m good


7) Obrigado/a!

Good manners always go a long way wherever you are in the world, and you want to make sure you can say thank you before you arrive.

How do you say it?

If you’re male, say “obrigado” (ob-ree-gah doo), if you’re female, say “obrigada” (ob-ree-gah-dah). Add “muito” at the start if you want to say “thank you very much”.


8) Tchau!

How do you say it? Chow!

How do you use it? Tchau means goodbye, and we definitely think you’ll be sad to leave!

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