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Argentinean village emerges after 25 years under water


7th June 2013

Emily Robertshaw

Epecuen, a lakeside resort in Argentina, was submerged under water in 1985 after a particularly heavy rainstorm devastated the village and forced occupants to abandon their homes. However, 25 years later, climate change has meant that the water has started to recede, revealing the one popular tourist location. Epecuen, which lies south of Buenos Aires, is not attracting tourists again but for very different reasons! On 82-year old resident, who refused to leave the village and continued to live on its outskirts, attributes the influx of visitors to the eerie, post-apocalyptic atmosphere that surrounds Epecuen. The local tourism authority is now seeking official heritage site status, perhaps hoping that increased interest in this unique destination will inject new life into a community that was so badly affected by a natural disaster.

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