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 I love you in other languages


Why not surprise and impress the one you love by saying I love you in another language?

French Je t'aime
Spanish Te amo
German Ich liebe dich
Italian Ti amo
Portuguese Amo-te
Swedish Jag älskar dig
Dutch Ik hou van jou
Hungarian Szeretlek
Slovak Lu'bim ta

Σας αγαπώ (Sas aghapó)


Я вас люблю! (Javasl'ubl'u!)


사랑해 (Saranghayo)


Males say: 愛してるよ (Aishiteru yo)

Females say:愛してるわ (Aishiteru wa)


我愛你 (Wo Ai Ni)

Hindi मैंतुमसेप्यारकरताहुँ (Main tumse pyar kartha hoon)
Welsh 'Rwy'n dy gary di

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