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General facts

Population: 7.3 million

Capital: Sofia

Official Languages: Bulgarian

Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Religions: Christianity

Motto: Съединението прави силата (“Unity Makes Strength”)

National Anthem: Мила Родино

Interesting facts

  • Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe after being founded 7,000 years ago.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet used in eastern Europe was first created in Bulgaria during the 9th century AD.
  • Bulgaria is one of the world’s biggest wine producers.
  •  The bagpipes or ‘gaida’, most commonly associated with Scotland, are also the national instrument of Bulgaria.

More obscurely, did you know…

  • Whilst shaking your head is typically associated with meaning ‘no’, in Bulgaria it means ‘yes’! When Bulgarians nod their head, it means ‘no’.
  • Bulgaria is well known for its yoghurt! It has a particular flavour because the bacteria used to make it, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, is only to be found in Bulgaria.
  • Their most famous footballer, ‘Hristo Stoichkov’, was the joint top scorer in the 1994 World Cup and was awarded the Golden Boot.