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General facts

Population: 5.46 million

Capital: Helsinki

Official Language: Finnish, Swedish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Religion: Lutheranism, Eastern Orthodoxy

Motto: N/A

National Anthem: Maame (Our Land)

Interesting facts

  • In June and July, the north of Finland has 24-hour daylight
  • There are only 16 Finns per square kilometre of land, making Finland the most sparsely populated country in the EU
  • The indigenous language is called Sami, and is spoken in Lapland
  • 86% of Finland is covered in forest
  • Finland has over 188,000 lakes

More obscurely, did you know...

  • When driving in Finland, you must turn your headlights on, even in summer daylight
  • Finnish people drink more coffee than any other population in the world, averaging around 12kg per year per adult
  • The cost of a fine for speeding in Finland varies depending on your speed, but also your income
  • There are 2.2 million saunas in Finland