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General facts

Population: 325,671

Capital: Reykjavík

Official Language: Icelandic

Currency: Icelandic króna (ISK)

Religion: Evangelical Lutheranism

Motto: N/A

National Anthem: Lofsöngur (O, God of our Land)

Interesting facts

  • Around 85% of Iceland’s energy comes from renewable resources (mainly geothermal).
  • 14.3% of Iceland is made up of glaciers and lakes.
  • 40% of the Icelandic economy is based on fishing.
  • The Icelandic parliament is the oldest surviving parliament in the world, founded in 930.
  • Iceland became an independent republic in 1944.

More obscurely, did you know...

  • In Iceland, puffin’s heart is considered a delicacy
  • Beer was banned in Iceland until 1989
  • The Icelandic population are the world’s most regular cinema-goers
  • Iceland is home to over 20 active volcanoes, the largest of which makes up over 8% of the country