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General facts

Population: 5.2 million

Capital: Oslo

Official language: Norwegian

Currency: Norwegian Krone

Religions: Lutheran

Motto: Alt for Norge (‘Everything for Norway’)

National Anthem: Song for Norway

Interesting facts

  • Norway is a country of fjords, like the Sogna fjorden, which is the biggest one in Norway at 180km long.
  • Oslo is the cultural, scientific, and economic centre of the country, with maritime, banking and trade industries.
  • Norway is a Nordic unitary state, divided into nineteen administrative counties known as fylkers. Each one is administered by a Governor.
  • Norway is home to a number of Arctic animals such as reindeer, wolverines, polar bear, puffins and Arctic foxes.
  • Norway’s National Day is officially called ‘Norwegian Constitution Day’ and is celebrated on May 17th to commemorate the Constitution of 1814.
  • Aside from Oslo, other major cities in the country include Bergen, Stavanger/Sandnes and Trondheim.

More obscurely, did you know...

  • Football has the highest participation level of any sport in Norway!
  • It boasts the world’s longest road tunnel, which stretches for 24.5km!
  • It is the most successful nation in the world at the Winter Olympics!
  • During summer months, the sun never completely drops. It is the opposite in winter!