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General facts

Population: 10.4 million

Capital: Lisbon

Official Language: Portuguese 

Currency: Euro

Religions: Roman Catholic

Motto: Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada (This is my happy Motherland, beloved of mine)

National Anthem: A Portuguesa

Interesting facts

  • The University of Coimbra was established in 1290, making it one of the oldest universities on the European continent
  • Portugal produces 70% of the world’s cork exports. Main importers of Portuguese cork are: Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. The country also has the largest cork forest
  • The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is 10.5 miles (17 kilometers) long, making it the longest in Europe
  • In 1755, on All Saints Day, Lisbon was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake – one of the most powerful in European history, killing 275,000 people. The earthquake was followed by a tsunami and – because churches were filled with candles for the holiday, fires brought the city to rubble.

 More obscurely, did you know?

  • Lisbon is older than Rome!
  •  The Portuguese eat more fish than any other country!
  •  In 2008, Portugal became the first country to make it compulsory for people to have fingerprints on identity cards.

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