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General facts

Population: 2 million

Capital: Ljubljana

Official Language: Slovene

Currency: Euro

Religion: Catholic

Motto: No official motto

National Anthem: Zdravljica  (a toast)

Interesting facts

  • Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. Almost 60% of its territory is covered by forest.
  • Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of water. It has almost 27,000 kilometres of rivers, streams and other watercourses. It also has numerous thermal and mineral springs and many subterranean waters.
  • Slovenia has one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe, between 500 and 700 bears, it is believed.
  • The official symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon which, according to legend, was killed by the Ancient Greek hero Jason and his intrepid Argonauts on their way through the Ljubljana marshes.
  • There are almost 3,000 churches, chapels and religious monuments around Slovenia.

More obscurely, did you know…

  • In Slovenia, you can pay to stay in a prison cell at the Hostel Celica!
  • There are more than 500 castles in Slovenia!
  • There is a festival of roasted potatoes held every year!