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General facts

Population: 76.6 million
Capital: Ankara
Official language: Turkish
Currency: Lira
Religion: Islam
Motto: Egemenlik kayıtsız şartsız milletindir (Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation)
National Anthem: İstiklâl Marşı

Interesting facts

  • Geographically, Turkey sits in two continents, Europe and Asia, although around 97% of its land area is on the Asian side.
  • Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is the third most populous urban area in Europe. Yet Ankara is in fact the capital of Turkey.
  • Turkey has a strong manufacturing sector, it makes and exports cars, planes, electronics, clothing and textiles.
  • The most popular sport in Turkey is football (soccer), the Turkish national team came third in the 2002 World Cup Finals.

More obscurely, did you know…

  • The Turks introduced coffee to Europe!
  • The Turks answer their phones with ‘My Master?’ instead of Hello!
  • Turkey is the third largest country in the world!