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Expert Chinese translation services

Andiamo’s team of experienced, qualified and native Chinese translation specialists can translate your text into and out of Simplified and Traditional Chinese to a high, professional standard.

Get in touch for more information on our mother tongue Chinese technical translators or complete the form to request a quote. 

What our clients say

  • I was very happy with the translation, revision and typesetting Andiamo! provided for our Giant's Causeway souvenir guidebook. The final Spanish, Italian, French, German and Chinese editions look great and we have already started working with Andiamo! on our next project!
  • Andiamo! really understood what I was trying to achieve. They don’t just deliver a job, they write intelligently and on brief. The translated and typeset Chinese artwork supplied was a breeze to slot into my document, which made the process very painless. Thank you!
  • Andiamo! organise automotive translation of our eLearning into several languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish. We have worked with them for a number of years and enjoy liaising with their friendly projects team to deliver quality translations on time.
  • We needed some marketing collateral for a client translating to Simplified Chinese on a really tight deadline. The team at Andiamo were super helpful and nothing seemed to be too much trouble, even when we needed extra items! I couldn’t fault the service or turnaround times and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Example of Chinese translation work

e-Learning materials for a leading automotive company

Our client is one of the most loved automotive manufacturers in the world.

Amongst other translation work, Andiamo! has recently translated a number of e-learning modules and technical videos into Simplified Chinese for this prestigious company.


Which Chinese script do I need?

Before going ahead with your Chinese technical translation, we first need to identify the variety of Chinese you need.

Use the table below to determine the variety of the Chinese script you need translating:

Mainland China (People's Republic of China) Simplified Chinese
Taiwan (Republic of China) Traditional Chinese
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese
Singapore Simplified Chinese
UK & EU Simplified & Traditional Chinese


Note: The ‘simplified’ in Simplified Chinese refers solely to the structure and the number of ‘strokes’ (lines) used to write the Chinese characters – not the difference in quality between the two scripts.

If you are still unsure about which variation of Chinese you need why not read our article about it? Alternatively you can call us on 08450 345677 and one of our project managers will be happy to help.


Chinese technical translation in more than one variety

In different Chinese-speaking areas, the variety of the language differs too. For example, the Chinese you see written in Hong Kong and Taiwan are different – even though they use the same script.

Andiamo’s Chinese technical translation services team is up to date with the latest terms and usage in all major Chinese-speaking communities. The translator delivering your Chinese translation is a specialist in the variety of the language needed for your translation project. 


Chinese typesetting & desktop publishing

Andiamo! also provides a typesetting and desktop publishing service to ensure your translated Chinese characters are formatted in the same style as the original document.

We invest in and select high quality Chinese fonts to make sure your translation looks just as professional as the original.

Click here to find out more about foreign language typesetting.