Professional interpreting services for meetings

Andiamo! provides an interpreting service for all types of business meetings, from workshops and training sessions to seminars.

We needed a professional Russian interpreter to assist in highly technical engineering meetings and workshops and Andiamo! provided an interpreter who could not only do this but was also punctual and professional in all aspects. We were pleased with the results.

Training sessions or meetings for one foreign speaker

If there is just one foreign speaker in a training session or meeting, one of our professional interpreters will sit with them and whisper what is being said in their native language. This means that they will have a thorough understanding of what is being said without interpreting for any other delegates.

Small business meetings

For business meetings and negotiations, your professional business interpreter is there to bridge the gap between the two languages and cultures. Consecutive interpreting is used for this where the interpreter will wait for the speaker to say a few sentences and then will repeat them to the foreign speakers in their language.

Large meetings and sales negotiations

As well as providing interpreters for small meetings we also regularly send simultaneous interpreters (and equipment) for high-profile business negotiations both in the UK and overseas. Simply call us with your requirements; let us know how many foreign speakers there will be, the nature of the meeting/negotiation, which languages, location and dates and we will determine how many interpreters will be required and quote for the necessary technical equipment to ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

Book an interpreter for your meeting

Call us at +44 (0) 8450 345677 or fill in our request form to book a professional interpreter for your next meeting.