Interpreting solutions for your visits and tours

Whether you’re a car manufacturer requiring a specialist technical interpreter to assist on factory visits or a tourism organisation who requires a specialist tourism interpreter for guided tours around your tourist attraction, we can help!

Interpreting for small group visits

To aid one or two foreign speakers on a visit or guided tour, your interpreter will use consecutive interpreting without equipment. The interpreter will walk round the site with the visitors and repeat everything the guide is saying in their language.

Interpreting for large group tours

For larger group tours we recommend using a tour guide system. Your consecutive interpreter will wear a microphone and your visitors will be equipped with headsets and will be able to adjust the volume on their own systems to make sure they hear everything clearly.

Multilingual audio guides

Alternatively, you could have a voice-over in each language of your visitors recorded and loaded onto your own tour guide systems.

Just send us your original audio and script (if you have one) and we’ll time-code it and arrange for a professional voice-over artist to record it to make sure the final recording is the same length as the original.

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