Automotive Translation Service

Automotive Translation Service

Here at Andiamo! we’ve been providing professional automotive translation services for over 35 years. Our clients rely on our expertise to ensure that their needs are met to the highest standards so that they can succeed in a competitive, global market.

One of the most well-known luxury car manufacturers in the world has been our client for over 15 years. Other established clients include Car Care Plan, LEVC, SNG Barratt and Moss Europe.

Our professional and accurate automotive translation service ensures that mistakes don’t occur. As our client, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your customers only ever receive professional and accurate translated material.

Automotive Translation Service

Andiamo! did a great job of translating and typesetting one of our large car manuals from English into German. They were helpful and efficient at the quote stage and used their years of knowledge and translation technology to help us save money on the project. We now place regular, monthly work with Andiamo! and would recommend them to others in the automotive industry.

Andiamo! organise automotive translation of our eLearning into several languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish. We have worked with them for a number of years and enjoy liaising with their friendly projects team to deliver quality translations on time.

The translations have a high quality and show a really good understanding of the technical background and vocabulary.

Automotive Translation Service

What is an automotive translation service?

Our specialist translation service covers all the content you need for the design, manufacture and sale of vehicles across the globe. It’s a pivotal service for any automotive company that’s working internationally.

Our automotive translation service covers everything you need as a business within the industry. This includes all the technical documentation and guides you need translating for processes like manufacturing, assembly, testing and diagnostics. However, we also cover content for other essential parts of your business, including sales and marketing. We’ll translate your training materials, safety information, legal materials, and website content, because these are vital to your business’s success too.

Automotive Translation Service
Automotive Translation Service

Why choose Andiamo?

We’ve been providing our automotive translation service to well-known brands for over three decades. Our clients stay with us because we provide them with a seamless, high quality service.

As our customer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Expert translators who specialise in automotive translations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Our translation memory software (reducing your costs)
  • Typesetting services
  • Your dedicated Project Manager
  • Accurate, professional translations. Every time.
Automotive Translation Service
Automotive Translation Service

Our translation service for Auto Manufacturers

Automotive translation is one of our core services. We’ll provide you with specialist automotive translators who have detailed knowledge of your industry. This ensures that all of your terminology will be used correctly, and that any inaccuracies will be avoided.

Even minor mistakes in your translated material can be costly to people’s safety and to your business. Your translators’ industry knowledge, combined with their experience in translation, makes them the perfect choice to undertake your translations for you.

Our automotive translation service covers;

  • Handbooks for vehicle owners
  • Dealership communications
  • Internal training materials
  • Workbooks
  • Voice-over scripts
  • Repair manuals
  • Guides for diagnostics software
  • Warranty documentation
  • User guides
  • E-learning scripts
  • Tools catalogues
  • Websites
  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing materials

You may need a typesetting service for your translated text, and we can provide that too. We’re well equipped to work with different file formats, such as InDesign, XML, HTML, PPT, Word and Excel.

Automotive Translation Service

Our process

Our automotive translation service begins with you, and we take your needs seriously. To get started, we’ll make sure that we fully understand exactly what you need from us. This could be a simple script translation into French, Italian, German and Spanish. However, it could be more complex, such as a multilingual owner’s manual translation and typesetting service, with a full proofread per language. Whatever your needs, we have the skills and experience to deliver, on time, every time.

To receive your full and accurate quote, contact us by phone or email and send us your editable files for translation.

Once we receive your request, we’ll analyse your files using our translation memory software to identify repeated segments of text within your files. This analysis will enable us to provide you with discounts for repeated text. We’ll email you your detailed quote, which will include details about your discounts and turnaround times.

When you’re ready to start using our professional automotive translation service, simply reply to our email to let us know. You’ll be assigned your own dedicated Project Manager who’ll coordinate our professional automotive linguists to successfully complete your translation.

Our in-house team will carry out our internal quality checks before doing your typesetting (if required). We’ll then deliver the finished project to you in the format you’ve requested.


The importance of translation memory

Our translation memory software is crucial to our automotive translation service because it ensures a consistent use of terminology across all your car manuals, parts brochures and promotional materials.

We understand there may be some specific words and phrases that are unique to your business. Your dedicated Project Manager will ensure that our translators are aware of them and that they’re used correctly throughout your project.

It’s important that words and phrases that are unique to your business are translated in line with any previous approved material you’ve had translated. If you have a translation memory saved with another language services provider, we can use this for your new translations (saving you both time and money).

An ever-changing industry

Research and development is ongoing within the automotive industry and professional automotive translation services like ours will always be needed alongside this. The big shift to increased production and use of electric vehicles has created the need for a whole new infrastructure to support their use. This means new training, new manuals, new repairs and new testing equipment etc. If your company trades overseas, it’s likely that all of this new material will need to be translated for your international markets.


Automotive interpreters

At Andiamo! we also provide specialist interpreting services for car factory tours, employee training and business negotiations.

Our Languages

As our client, you’ll benefit from our ability to translate material into any language you need. A lot of clients request European translations, but we also have experience of translating content into many other languages, including Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Get started with our automotive translation service

Contact our team today to talk through your requirements and to receive your free, no obligation quote.


Specialist typesetting services

We complement our automotive translation service by providing a foreign language typesetting services for brochures and other marketing materials.

This service involves taking the translated text and inserting it back into the original document to ensure it conforms to the same style and formatting.

We particularly recommended using our typesetting service for languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian where you can rely on our experienced multilingual team to match the original document format as closely as possible by carefully selecting the most appropriate fonts and style.

Visit our typesetting page for more information on our service.