Technical translation service

Technical Translation Service

We’ve been providing specialist, technical translation services for over 35 years.

Clients such as Hitachi Rail, Hubron, International Paint, Southco, Syntegon and well-known, large automotive companies trust us to be their regular supplier for their technical translations.

You’ll benefit from our expert team of translators who are tried and tested in the technical field. Our clients know that we deliver a quality service each and every time, which is why some of them have been with us for decades.

Technical translation service
Technical translation service

What is a technical translation service?

A technical translation service is taking complex and detailed material, such as machinery documentation, or medical equipment guides, and converting it into a different language. Technical material is incredibly intricate and precise, so any errors within a translation text (no matter how small) can put people’s safety at risk.

The type of technical translation service we provide includes:

  • Operating manuals
  • Workshop manuals
  • Datasheets
  • Specifications
  • Technical brochures
  • Website translation
  • E-learning material

We work with repeat clients across the automotive, engineering, medical and manufacturing industries because they know we’ll deliver translations of the highest quality for them.

Technical translation service
Technical translation service

The benefits of Andiamo’s technical translation service

Technical translation experts

  • Customer safety and satisfaction
  • Ensured precision and accuracy
  • Consistent terminology
  • Quality standards – ISO certified translations
  • Expert translators from your industry
  • Native speakers of the target language

How we work

Our technical translation service involves converting the source text accurately and consistently into the target language.

Although we have automated systems to assist us, we believe in the personal touch and in getting to know our clients. This helps us to understand your company, your style and your preferred way of working. When you become our client, we’ll assign you a dedicated Project Manager who’ll be your single point of contact and the person you can send any requests or queries to.

At Andiamo! we’ll ensure that all your company-specific terminology will be used accurately within your translated text. We’ll follow your style guides, and include regional variations to provide you with the most accurate translation that also fits with your brand and company voice.

Our linguists are experts in technical subject areas and your Project Manager will find you the perfect match for your project. Where possible, we use the same translators for our regular technical translation service clients because this allows them to really get to know you, your products and your brand’s terminology.

Once your translation is finished, your Project Manager will organise your quality assurance checks. If there’s any formatting to do, they’ll then liaise with our typesetters to get it completed.

Your Project Manager will then return the finished translations to you before following up to ensure that you’re happy with our professional, technical translation service.

Technical translation service

Translation memory software

Translation memory software helps us to achieve consistent and accurate translations for you, and it also saves you money. The software picks out previously translated terms allowing us to ensure that these are used consistently throughout your content.

Once we receive your brief with your editable files, we’ll analyse the content using our translation memory software. This allows us to identify any repeated text within the documents so that we can offer you a discount as part of your quote. If we’ve worked with you before, it’ll also identify matches from previously translated segments of text.

One of our clients has been with us for 10 years and during that time we’ve built up a comprehensive translation memory in several language pairs for them. On a recent project, there were approximately 25,000 words that matched the translation memory for most language combinations, enabling the client to make huge cost savings.


Quality Assurance

When choosing our technical translation service you can choose our standard package. This service provides a traditional translation, undertaken by our professional, experienced translators. Your translations will be verified in-house by our graduate linguist team using the latest Quality Assurance tools before being sent to you.

If you’d like extra quality assurance, then you can choose our Gold Service. This includes an extra revision by a second translator in each language, followed by the same in-house verification process.


Our machine technical translation service

Another service we provide is professional machine translation, which is particularly useful if your time and budgets are tight. This service uses our cutting-edge software, and the translated material also goes through a full post-editing process by our professional translators. Please visit our machine translation page for details on the different levels of service we can offer here.

Our technical translators

Professional technical translations need linguists who are experts in their field. We vet all our translators according to the ISO 17100:2015 standard, and we assess each one thoroughly before onboarding.

Our technical translation service is provided by expert translators who ensure that the right terminology is used consistently and accurately. Our translators are assessed for their industry subject area and are given a technical translation test piece. We maintain the highest quality of translations and the service we provide ensures that we keep our long-standing clients for years.

Our translators have specialist knowledge of your industry so that we can ensure that you get the most detailed and accurate translations possible.

Your project

Contact us now for your no obligation quote. We’ll provide you with full details of how our technical translation service will work for you, including an accurate turnaround time for your specific project.