medical device translation services

Expert medical device translation services

Andiamo! is a leading, specialist language services provider for the medical device industry.

We understand that accuracy is paramount, so you can rest assured that we are committed to precision. Andiamo! works with clients globally and has a network of experienced, medical specialist linguists working in over 140 languages.

medical device translation services

Andiamo! has been our trusted approved supplier and partner for medical translations since 2018 – they are reliable, efficient, and have a friendly project management team. We use their translation, revision, and foreign language typesetting service to translate into multiple languages. As a medical device manufacturer, compliance with the various international regulatory standards is of critical importance. We know that our documentation will be translated accurately and to a high standard which is so important for our industry. We have no hesitation in recommending them!

This friendly and efficient translation service is very easy to deal with. We provided Word documents in English and received them in translation a surprisingly short time later, also in Word, and looking good. Very pleased with the service.

Andiamo! has recently been approved as our translation agency for all medical translations. The knowledge and experience demonstrated by the terminology and overall quality of their translations shows their expertise in this field. It is pleasing to know that critical content is being translated to a high standard.

Since we have started using Andiamo! we have cut out our in-house translating significantly. Easy to speak to, very responsive with a great attention to detail and delivery to high standards are commendable. In short: accurate, reliable and very proactive.

Andiamo provide us with monthly translations of multiple transcripts into nine languages for the pharmaceutical industry. No matter how immediate our deadlines have been, Finola has gone above and beyond in order to meet or better our requirements. The translators go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content and the results are exemplary.

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Andiamo! provide us with a reliable technical translation service of our packaging materials into 7 languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish and Russian. Quick response times (over phone and email) and amazing customer service has led to a successful collaboration.

Why choose Andiamo’s medical device translation services?

Over three decades of experience: We’ve been in the industry since 1988 and have supplied our medical device translation services to many well-known clients over the years.

  • Backed by quality standards and associations : Andiamo! is ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certified. We are also an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a corporate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).
  • Expert customer service: Our friendly in-house team is committed to helping you however we can. Our Sales team and Projects team go above and beyond to ensure our medical device translation services meet all your needs.
  • The highest standards: Our talented linguists are vetted and assessed by our thorough onboarding process, work in over 140 languages and are experienced medical specialists. We only work with linguists after they have passed a test medical translation  and we regularly assess them to ensure their translations are of the highest quality. You can be sure your documents are in safe hands.

With a variety of medical device translation services to choose from, including our Gold Service revision package and our foreign language typesetting service, we guarantee that you will always receive translations of the highest quality. Our in-house team are on hand to provide outstanding customer service and ensure that your projects are translated with precision and respect.

Our clients include Blatchford, Paxman, Renishaw Diagnostics and Limbs&Things as well as many others (with whom we have confidentiality agreements).

ISO 13485:2016 certified

Andiamo! is proud to be ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified, demonstrating our dedication to the medical device sector and quality.

Our medical device translations are compliant to these standards, as well as EU Medical Devices Regulations. You can distribute your medical devices with complete peace of mind knowing that your translated documentation satisfies any necessary requirements.

We are audited internally and externally every year to ensure that our high standards of quality remain consistent. Every medical device translation we undertake is fully traceable, so you need not worry when the time comes for your own auditing procedures. We work with clients to ensure we comply with any necessary auditing procedures that are specific to their organisation.

Discover the importance of working with an ISO 17100:2015 certified agency for medical device translation services.

medical device translation services

A wealth of medical device translation experience

We have experience translating for a wide variety of medical devices, which include but are not limited to:

  • Prosthetics
  • Wound dressings
  • Targeted drug delivery devices
  • Cryotherapy technology
  • Robotic surgical systems
  • Medical simulation models
  • Diagnostics
  • Mobility aids

Can’t see what you’re looking for? No problem! Get in touch to see how we can tailor our medical device translation services to your projects.

medical device translation services

What can you use our medical device translations for?

Some examples of the types of documentation we work with include:

  • IFUs
  • User guides
  • Clinical research trials
  • Safety information
  • Medical device packaging and labelling
  • Patient instruction leaflets
  • Marketing materials
medical device translation services

Gold service medical device translation

We respond to all enquiries into our medical device translation services with a quote for our premium Gold Service package. This includes:

  1. Translation by our professional and experienced medical specialist translator.
  2. Revision by a second medical specialist linguist per language. Our linguists can utilise any of your existing glossaries and reference materials. This means that we can match the style, and use previous terminology from existing translations for consistency.
  3. The translations will then be checked by our in-house Projects team, all of whom are graduate linguists. We use our own expertise alongside innovative Quality Assurance tools to ensure the translations are fully verified before we send them to you. 

This means that your translations are therefore checked three times before they reach you: by the original translators, by the revisers, and by in-house Andiamo! linguists. 

Certificates of authenticity for your translations can also be provided upon request.

medical device translation services

Foreign language typesetting for medical device documents

Often, customers of our medical device translation services also require foreign language setting for print and or digital publication, a service we’ve provided for over 3 decades.

If you require documents like IFUs or brochures in languages that have different scripts or alignments (eg Korean, Hebrew, Arabic), we can offer our DTP service. This ensures that the format is clear and easy to read, and that your newly translated text matches the format and style of the original.

If you send us your artwork at the quote stage, we can provide an accurate quotation rather than an estimate from a pdf. This also means that our skilled typesetters can accurately match the translation to the original format and saves costs in comparison with translating a Word document first and then typesetting it afterwards.

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How do our medical device translation services work?

Step 1: Get in touch by completing our online form, calling us on +44(0)113 350 4541, or emailing

Step 2: A member of our sales team will discuss your medical device translation needs with you, ensuring we have all the necessary information to fully tailor our services to your translations.

Step 3: We give you a quote for your translations. Once you approve the quote, we send you a Sales Order Confirmation and assign you a dedicated Project Manager.

Step 4: We carefully select the right linguists for your project based on your requirements. 

Step 5: While our talented and hardworking medical translators are tackling your translations, your Project Manager will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and to keep the process running smoothly.

Step 6: Your translations are thoroughly proofread by our revisers and checked by our in-house linguists who resolve all outstanding queries. 

Step 7: We deliver your files in the agreed formats so they’re ready to use from the moment you receive them. 

Step 8: It doesn’t end there! We are always happy to hear from you with any further feedback or queries you may have after your translations have been delivered, and will follow up to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Discounted medical device translation services

All our clients can receive discounts on their medical device translations thanks to our specialised Translation Memory software which calculates the number of repeated segments of text when analysing files for quotation. We can then offer discounted rates for the translation of these segments, as they won’t need to be translated from scratch every time they occur.

In addition, repeat customers of our medical device translation services can enjoy further discounts which is particularly helpful for updates of product guides etc. Our software stores your translations in a unique memory bank, and then checks any new copy against text we have previously translated for you. Discounts are applied for similarities and repetitions between them. This software also ensures consistency across all your translations, reminding our translators how they translated a certain phrase in the past, and supports the ability to import your existing glossaries for our translators to use.

Confidentiality assured

Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to Andiamo!

All our linguists and our in-house staff are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement when joining Andiamo! and working on our medical device translation services. Andiamo! is also happy to sign specific non-disclosure agreements for your company, and our Terms of Business ensure confidentiality between your organisation, us, and our linguists.

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