Conference interpreting service

A complete conference interpreting service – collaboration in every language

Providing high-quality interpreting at your conference demonstrates your commitment to delegates from all countries and in all languages.

At Andiamo!, we provide an extensive service to organisations both in the UK and overseas. If you are looking to offer interpreting at your conference then look no further, we have a team of experts on hand to help you, and take pride in our ability to deliver a professional and accurate conference interpreting service.  

We offer both on-site and virtual conference interpreting. Our qualified and experienced interpreters, combined with interpreting equipment, or an online platform, will help to provide a seamless experience.

Conference interpreting service
Conference interpreting service

What is conference interpreting?

Conference interpreting is simultaneous interpreting that takes place at a conference (or any event with a similar setup), and can involve multiple languages. It allows attendees at large events to understand the speaker in real time.

Our conference interpreters are professional language experts who have undergone extensive training. They are skilled in the subject matter, have fluency in the language pair and are able to maintain extreme focus and concentration.

For our on-site conference interpreting service, our skilled interpreters will carry out the interpreting from a soundproof booth where they interpret what the speaker is saying in real time, to the conference delegates via headsets. They work in pairs, swapping every 20-30 minutes due to the intensity of the work.

If you have any international delegates who are unable to attend in person or if you would like to set up your conference in a hybrid way, we can provide a remote solution for this.

Not sure what type of interpreting you require? Take a look at our helpful guide.

Conference interpreting service
Conference interpreting service

Why should I provide interpreting at my conference?

Reach a wider market: regardless of your industry, you can benefit from entering the global market. When you use Andiamo’s conference interpreting service you can access businesses and customers from all over the world. Our professional interpreters understand the cultural nuances of the language, helping you to do this on an international stage.

Ensured accuracy: our conference interpreters meet very high standards and will have extensive experience in your field. With the help of our skilled interpreters, you can ensure that all delegates understand exactly what is being discussed and avoid any costly errors.

Conference interpreting service
Conference interpreting service

How our conference interpreting service can make your conference a success?

In order to make your next conference a success, it should be accessible to non-English speaking attendees, so it’s important to consider investing in a professional conference interpreting service. Making your conferences available in a variety of languages allows you to market your services to a diverse, international audience.

Having real time interpreting at your conference allows delegates to feel included rather than them making do with English only, which is not their native language. By offering professional interpreting, you are building a network with a wider range of potential clients around the world.

This service covers events in any sector, and in all major languages, allowing all international attendees to be catered for.

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Conference interpreting service

Be part of our success story

We ran a 2.5 day training event for over 100 European sales people with simultaneous interpreting from English to German, Italian and French. I was very impressed with high quality, flexibility and adaptability of the interpreting team from Andiamo! Our content was medical and at times technical, with a range across strategic marketing, clinical and sales from a range of accents and speeds. The team provided excellent translation and daily feedback. We also had Andiamo! take care of the AV needs and this service was excellent with a Sound Engineer who went well beyond the contracted terms to ensure our event was successful. I would use Andiamo! again.

Conference interpreting

Everything included for your peace of mind.

Our conference interpreting service will provide you with:

  • Professional, specialised conference interpreters.
  • Equipment: all the necessary equipment you need to make your event a success (interpreting booths, headsets for delegates, PA systems, microphones).
  • A technician who will take care of the equipment on the day.
  • For online or hybrid conferences, we will make sure that you are fully equipped to make the event run seamlessly

Visit our dedicated interpreting equipment page for more information.

Conference interpreting
Conference interpreting

Why choose Andiamo’s conference interpreting service?

If you are looking for high-quality conference interpreting support, look no further than Andiamo! Get in touch to discuss your interpreting needs.

  •   Years of experience: We’ve been in the industry since 1988 and have supplied our conference interpreting service to many well-known organisations over the decades. Our team of conference interpreters are highly experienced professionals who have a personal understanding of different languages and cultures.
  •   Dedication to quality: Andiamo! is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. We are also an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a corporate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).
  •   Impeccable customer service: Our friendly in-house team are committed to helping you however they can and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our services.
  •   The highest standards: All of our interpreters are experienced specialists in their fields. Your Project Manager will select the interpreters who have the experience to suit your requirements.

At Andiamo! we are confident that we will make your event a success. If you are passionate about executing a successful conference where all delegates understand your message regardless of what language they speak, please get in touch today to discuss your needs!

Conference interpreting

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