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differences between Translation and Interpreting

The differences between Translation and Interpreting explained

subtitling and dubbing

The global power of translation, subtitling and dubbing

Translating board games

Translating board games and toys

proofreading translated text

The importance of proofreading translated text

Bridging the gap

professional medical translators

Why you need professional medical translators

Medical devices

Why you should choose an ISO 17100 agency for your medical translation

What we look for when hiring a medical translator

Introducing ISO 13485:2016

Chinese New Year 2021

5 minutes with our new Vendor Controller

Medical devices

Are you ready for the new translation requirements in the Medical Devices Regulation?

Getting the tourism industry back on track

8 things we’re feeling positive about

Name that country quiz

Message from our General Manager, Miranda

Language learning

5 fun ways to learn a language


ITB Berlin and tourism translation

Traditional playground games around the world

How to market your toys and games internationally


Luke’s top 9 foreign-language series

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat 1200x936

Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Mumbai 900x600

Top 10 vegan cities around the world

Sue retiring

Sue is retiring!

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