meeting interpreting service

A tailored, professional meeting interpreting service

No matter the language or event, we provide interpreters of the highest quality.

Andiamo! provides a meeting interpreting service for all types of business meetings, from workshops and training sessions to seminars and forums.

A consecutive interpreter is the ideal choice for meetings such as interviews, mediations, presentations, and business appointments. Our qualified and experienced interpreters specialise in a wide range of fields, and we will select an interpreter who is the right fit for your meeting.

Whichever language service is right for your event, you can be sure that every interpreter we work with is experienced, professional, and trustworthy.

meeting interpreting service

We needed a professional Russian interpreter to assist in highly technical engineering meetings and workshops and Andiamo! provided an interpreter who could not only do this but was also punctual and professional in all aspects. We were pleased with the results.

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I have been using the services at Andiamo! for several years now, mainly for consecutive interpreting for tribunal type hearings. I have always found them to be very professional, with good customer service, quick to respond and very competitive on price. The interpreters that are used are of a very high standard for what I imagine is a very difficult role, particularly when using technical and medical terms.

Andiamo! provided us with a legal consecutive interpreter to attend a witness statement signing appointment. Our client said the interpreter was fantastic and we’d like to thank Andiamo! for providing us with an excellent efficient service and for their assistance on this matter.

Meeting interpreting service

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is when an interpreter takes notes while the delegate is talking. The speaker then takes a short break, and the interpreter begins interpreting what has just been said. The two of them work consecutively alongside each other. This is different from simultaneous interpreting, which is when the interpreter relays exactly what is being said in one language, in real time, into another language.

Consecutive interpreting is an ideal choice for small meetings and events where it is possible to allow pauses for the interpreter to speak. We can deliver a meeting interpreting service onsite, online, or as part of a hybrid event.

Face-to-face interpreting is ideal for meetings or complex conversations. Having a professional interpreter present helps ensure you’re serving the best interests of everyone involved while satisfying compliance requirements. It also provides a personal touch that can result in more nuanced communication in sensitive matters and enhance client satisfaction.

We understand that face-to face meetings will not always be possible. With our remote meeting interpreting service, we can schedule interpreters for online meetings, either virtually or over the phone.

The meeting organiser should bear in mind that they should allocate double the time for the meeting to allow for the additional time taken for the interpreting.

Find out more about consecutive interpreting here.

Meeting interpreting service
meeting interpreting service

How can Andiamo’s meeting interpreting service benefit you?

Reach a wider market: regardless of your industry, you can benefit from entering the global market. When you use our meeting interpreting service, you can access business and customers from all over the world. Our professional interpreters understand the cultural nuances of their languages, helping you to do this on an international level.

Ensured accuracy: our meeting interpreters meet very high standards and have extensive experience in your field. With the help of our meeting interpreting service, you can ensure that all attendees understand exactly what is being discussed and avoid any awkward misunderstandings or potential costly errors. 

Inclusivity and diversity: create an inclusive environment, where interpreting ensures successful interaction between all attendees. Our interpreters sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us, to ensure private and sensitive information will be handled with the utmost care.

meeting interpreting service

Whispered interpreting

If there are only one or two foreign language speakers at your training session or meeting, one of our experienced, professional interpreters will sit with them and whisper what is being said in their native language. This is a form of simultaneous interpreting and means they won’t miss out on any crucial information and the interpreting doesn’t interrupt anyone else in the meeting. It also means you don’t need to pay for any costly equipment such as a soundproof booth even though it’s simultaneous. The sessions should either be short or the interpreters will work in pairs as it’s a very intensive form of interpreting.

Large meetings and sales negotiations

As well as providing a meeting interpreting service for small meetings, we can provide simultaneous interpreters and equipment for high-profile business negotiations both in the UK and overseas.

Find out more about simultaneous interpreting here.

Simply get in contact with your requirements, let us know how many foreign language speakers there will be, and we will do the rest to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly.

Interpreters for meetings

Why choose Andiamo’s meeting interpreting service?

If you are looking for a high-quality meeting interpreting service, look no further than Andiamo! Get in touch to discuss your interpreting needs.

  • Years of experience: We’ve been in the industry since 1988 and have supplied this service to many well-known organisations over the decades. Our team of meeting interpreters are highly experienced professionals who have a personal understanding of different languages and cultures.
  • Dedication to quality: Andiamo! is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. We are also an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a corporate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).
  • Impeccable customer service: Our friendly in-house team are committed to helping you however they can and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our services.
  • The highest standards: All of our interpreters are professionally qualified and experienced specialists in their fields. Your Project Manager will always select the interpreter that has the experience to suit your requirements.
Interpreters for meetings

Getting started

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Not sure whether you require consecutive or simultaneous interpreting? Read some scenarios in our handy guide to help you decide.

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