Our team getting together to reflect on Q1

1st May 2024

Jane Crossley

The Andiamo! team met recently to reflect on the first quarter of the year. Items on the agenda included highlights from the Projects team, an overview of exhibitions attended by the Sales team as well as an update from Jane and Miranda about what is happening in our industry.

Much like the weather so far, the type of projects we have been working on this year have been a real mix! Projects have ranged from reviewing dictionaries to translating and typesetting technical manuals, with a myriad of subjects covered, such as medical devices, automotive and mechanical engineering. We have translated into 62 languages, and in March we achieved an on-time delivery target of 100%! This is one of the reasons why our clients are happy with our service. Daisy recently received the feedback from one of our key clients below:

“Thank you for sending us the translations so quickly. You guys are AMAZING!”

Whilst it is always rewarding for the PMs to hear positive feedback from our clients, they also appreciate hearing from our suppliers, who value the thought that goes into planning projects, answering queries quickly and creating file settings to handle complex file types. Projects Team Leader Sarah recently prepared an extremely complex Trados project to make it easy for the translators to work in with one translator admiring her tenacity and saying that her file preparation would save the translators a lot of trouble!

The Projects team have been well supported by our team of vendor controllers, Matilda and Sarah, who carry out a variety of tasks but one of their main jobs is to find new suppliers – they have added and individually assessed 111 suppliers to our database this year! Their support is invaluable, especially when it comes to sourcing suppliers for urgent projects.

Our Sales Executives, Maj and Michael, have been on the road, attending various exhibitions. It is a great opportunity for them to get out and meet new clients and say hello to our existing clients. If you have any new projects you would like to receive a quote for, please contact info@andiamo.co.uk, and one of them will be in touch.

Jane has been keeping the team up to date with the latest trends in our fast-paced industry, especially in relation to AI. She has also been overseeing the latest audit and we’re happy to announce that we have been re-certified for the medical device standard ISO 13485:2016. This standard demonstrates our commitment to providing quality translations for a sector in which accuracy is critical.

This session was not just about what has happened but also a chance for the team to get together to plan for the year ahead. There are some exciting things on the horizon which you can expect to hear about in the coming months!

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