Foreign language subtitling

Andiamo! offers a high-quality translation and subtitling service for your video content. Our subtitling service is available for product demos, video testimonials and animations in all languages  in a variety of scripts.

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Andiamo! has an excellent subtitling team and provides all sorts of services from beginning to end: transcription, time-coded file, translation and burn-in of the subtitles or delivery of .vtt files, depending on our needs.

Subtitling process

How does the subtitling process work?

At Andiamo! we offer a full subtitling service and you can use all of the stages we offer or just some of them if you can handle some elements yourself. Below is the general subtitling process that’s most commonly requested by our clients:

  • You send us your video in any format along with your script and we look over it before providing a quote.
  • Once we receive the go-ahead we time-code the script, which involves dividing the speech into small sections of two lines that will fit on the screen with timings that match the video.
  • Our specialist translator(s) then translate the time-coded script adhering to the spatial restrictions.
  • The translations are then checked by our in-house graduate linguists, or if you’ve opted for our Gold Service, by a second specialist translator.
  • The translations are then finalized, brought into the subtitling software, adjusted to fit then burnt on to your video, which is then returned to you in your requested format.
Subtitling process

Transcription services

Don’t have a script for your video?

Andiamo’s specialist transcribers can transcribe your video in preparation for time-coding. In addition to specialist freelance translators, we work with specialist audio and video transcribers who will prepare a high-quality script from your video content.


Would you prefer voice-over for your videos?

We offer a complete translation and voice-over service too, which includes:

  • Time-coding your video transcript
  • Recording of the voice-over by native, professional voice-over artistes
  • Booking and using a studio and engineer for the recording
  • Editing and supplying the audio/audiovisual files in your required format

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