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Italian holiday phrases

23rd July 2018

Emily Robertshaw



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Greetings and basic expressions

Hello! Ciao! (Chow!)
Good morning Buongiorno (Bwon-gee-orno)
 Good afternoon Buon pomeriggio (Bwon pom-er-ee-gee-oh)
 Good evening Buona sera (Bwon-a sarah)
 How are you?  Come sta? (Kom-eh sta?)
 I’m very well Sto bene (Sto ben-eh)
Yes   Sì (See)
No   No (N-oh)
 Please  Per favore (Pear fa-vor-ay)
Thank you  Grazie (Grat-zieh)
 You’re welcome Prego (Pray-go))
 Excuse me  Mi scusi (Me skoo-see)
 Goodbye  Ciao (Chow)

At the beach

The beach  La spiaggia (La spee-aj-ya)
Where is the beach?  Dov’è la spiaggia? (Dov-eh la spee-aj-ya?)
A sunbed Il lettino (Eel let-tin-oh) 
The swimming pool  La piscina (La pis-hee-na
A bottle of suncream Una bottiglia di crema solare (Oo-na bott-eel-lee-a dee krema sol-arey)  
A beach towel Un asciugamano da spiaggia (Oon ash-syoo-ga-mano da spee-aj-ya
Please can I buy…? Posso comprare…? (Pohs-so komp-raar-ray…?

At a restaurant

Can I have a menu please? Mi può dare il menu per favore? (Me pwoh dar-ey ell men-oo per fav-or-ay?)
Where are the toilets? Dov’è il bagno?
(Dove-eh ell ban-yo?)
A table for 2/3/4/5/6 Un tavolo per due/tre/quattro/cinque/sei persone (Oon tav-oh-loh pear doo-ay/tray/kwat-troh/chin-kway per-so-ney)
I would like… Vorrei… (Vor-ray…)
A beer Una birra (Oo-na beer-a)
A glass of red wine Un bicchiere di vino rosso (Oon bick-ee-air-reh dee vee-no roh-sso)
A glass of white wine Un bicchiere di vino bianco (Oon bick-ee-air-reh dee vee-no bee-an-ko)
A glass of water Un bicchiere d’acqua (Oon bick-ee-air-reh dak-wah)
 A napkin Un tovagliolo (Oon to-va-lee-oh-lo)
Some bread Un cestino del pane (Oon chest-ee-no del pan-ey)
A dessert Il dolce (Eel dol-chay)
The bill Il conto (Eel kon-toe) 


How much is it? Quanto costa? (Kwan-toe kos-ta?)
I’m just looking Sto esplorando (Stoe ess-plor-an-do)
A t-shirt Una maglietta (Oo-na mal-liye-ta)
A skirt Una gonna (Oo-na gone-ah)
A dress Un vestito (Oon vest-eeto)
A pair of trousers Un paio di pantaloni (Oon pa-ee-oh dee pant-a-lo-knee)
A pair of shoes Un paio di scarpe (Oon pa-ee-oh dee scar-pay)
A jacket Una giacca (Oo-na jee-ack-ka)
A postcard Una cartolina (Oo-na carto-lee-na)


To camp Accamparsi (Ah kamp-ar-see)
A backpack Uno zaino (Oo-no zay-ee-no)
A picnic bench Un tavolo da picnic
(Oon tav-oh-lo de pic-nic)
A sleeping bag Un sacco a pelo
(Oon sack-o ah pel-oh)
To light a fire Accendere il fuoco (Ah-chend-air-reh ell fwo-ko)
A tent Una tenda (Oo-na ten-da)
Can I set my tent up here? Posso montare la mia tenda qui? (Pohs-o mon-tar-eh lah mee-a tend-ah kwui?)
Go hiking Fare una camminata (Far-ey oo-na cam-min-ah-tah)
A waterproof coat Un giubbotto impermeabile (Oo-n jee-ub-boh-toh eem-perm-ee-ah-beel-eh) 

Download a handy print-friendly version here.  

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