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I have been using the services at Andiamo! for several years now, mainly for consecutive interpreting for tribunal type hearings. I have always found them to be very professional, with very good customer service, quick to respond and very competitive on price. The interpreters that are used are of a very high standard for what I imagine is a very difficult role, particularly when using technical and medical terms.

Andiamo! thank you for helping me to source an Italian-English interpreter for my recent assignments. Amy Robinson, my case handler, was always at hand upon any request including at short-notice. All interpreters provided were professional and extremely helpful during all assignments allowing me to assist my client during a difficult time. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again and I will certainly recommend to others in the future.

Just to say that I have really enjoyed working with Andiamo! – both the Tigrinya and the Somali interpreter you have provided have been excellent. Staff have been very happy with their understanding and supportive approach towards both the needs of the school and the needs of our students and their families. The Tigrinya interpreter has worked with us on several occasions now and has been really good at helping us understand the students’ backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. It has also always been easy to arrange bookings with you even at short notice.

I can confirm that our experience with Andiamo! was excellent. We urgently required the services of a Slovak Interpreter for a court hearing in Middlesbrough. We essentially gave Andiamo 2 days’ notice of our requirement. Was grateful that Andiamo were able to provide a interpreter at such short notice.

The interpreter attended court well in advance of the hearing, enabling us to have a conference with the client. The interpreter was very efficient and developed a good rapport with the client. We achieved the desired outcome thanks to the proficiency of the interpreter.

Overall the service provided by Andiamo was first class and I would highly recommend their services.

Andiamo! provided us with a legal consecutive interpreter to attend a witness statement signing appointment. Our client said the interpreter was fantastic and we'd like to thank Andiamo! for providing us with an excellent efficient service and for their assistance on this matter.

Popular requests for consecutive interpreting

  • interpreters for business meetings
  • publicity and press interviews
  • interpreters to accompany factory tours
  • court interpreting
  • legal interpreting
  • interpreting for medical hearings

We’re also often asked for interpreters to attend meetings on behalf of clients pitching for tenders where talking the end client’s language can often make the key difference between winning and being runner-up.

Consecutive interpreting explained

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter listens to the speaker for about half a minute, whilst making notes, before interpreting into the required language while the speaker pauses. The organizer should factor in additional time as it will double the length of the talks.

This is different to simultaneous interpreting which is when the interpreter relates exactly what is being said in one language in real time into another language.

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