A versatile simultaneous interpreting service

Andiamo! provides organizations with a professional simultaneous interpreting service in all major languages.

We provide you with professionally qualified simultaneous interpreters and the interpreting equipment as well as the support and technical assistance you need to make sure everybody can understand what’s going on in real time and in their own language.

Most of our clients request our simultaneous interpreting services for large conferences both in the UK and abroad.

We ran a 2.5 day training event for over 100 European sales people with simultaneous interpreting from English to German, Italian and French. I was very impressed with high quality, flexibility and adaptability of the interpreting team from Andiamo! Our content was medical and at times technical, with a range across strategic marketing, clinical and sales from a range of accents and speeds. The team provided excellent translation and daily feedback. We also had Andiamo! take care of the AV needs and this service was excellent with a Sound Engineer who went well beyond the contracted terms to ensure our event was successful. I would use Andiamo! again.

Simultaneous interpreting explained

Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter relays exactly what is being said in one language in real time into another language. Typically two interpreters are required as the interpreting is very intensive so they sit together in a booth and take it in turns in intervals of approximately 20-30 minutes each.

This is different to consecutive interpreting which is when the interpreter listens to the speaker for about half a minute, whilst making notes, before interpreting into the required language to the audience while the speaker pauses.

Whispering interpreting

Whispering interpreting, also known as whispered interpreting, or by its French name chuchotage, is a form of simultaneous interpreting. For this type of interpreting, the interpreter stands or sits next to the person who needs to understand the foreign language and whispers the content in their ear.

Whispering interpreting is usually used during the following:

  • Small, informal meetings
  • Site visits overseas
  • Conferences, lectures and seminars
  • Some court proceedings
  • Social events such as formal dinners