Canadian French translation services

Andiamo! works with businesses around the globe who need specialist Canadian French translations of manuals, brochures and websites.

Where is Canadian French spoken?

Canadian French (or French Canadian) is spoken as the main language in Quebec and New Brunswick and as a major language in many other provinces in Canada. In Quebec, six million people speak French as their first language and only one million people speak English as their first language.

Canadian French document translation

Andiamo! provides high-quality Canadian French document translations.

Our Canadian French document translation includes data sheet translation, manual translation, brochure translation and packaging translation.

Canadian French website translation

Andiamo! also offers Canadian French website translation. Your website translations are carried out by experienced Canadian French translators who understand your target market and can replicate your message perfectly every time.

Adaptation from European French into Canadian French

Canadian French has differences from European French in the way the language is constructed, and the terms and vocabulary used.

If you require both types of French, we have Canadian French specialists who can also adapt European French into Canadian French. That means we can speed up the process for you and you will save money but will still have the same high-quality end result.

Do you need a Canadian French interpreter?

Andiamo! provides a Canadian French interpreting service.

Our Canadian French interpreters are highly qualified and have the experience to ensure your meeting or conference runs smoothly.

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