Professional Korean translation since 1988

Andiamo! has been providing Korean translation services for 30 years, with professional Korean translators with a variety of specialisms.

We offer Korean translation of websites, manuals, brochures and much more for the automotive, tourism, engineering and sports sectors.

b2me has an obligation to our clients to ensure that all translation services undertaken are done with the maximum return on investment, both in terms of cost and accuracy, especially for our key markets such as Japan and Korea where accuracy and syntax are of ultimate importance.

Andiamo’s understanding both of the tourism landscape, and the cultural sensitivities to language usage is of the highest quality; and this was reflected in the professional engagement that Lauren had with me during the checking process.

Among other languages, Andiamo! have completed large translation and typesetting projects in Korean, Romanian and Brazilian Portuguese to be used to train our end clients’ sales teams. Our end client’s in-country teams collaborated with Andiamo! to achieve a high-quality end product and we are very happy with the quality of the translations and the efficiency of the Andiamo! Projects team.

Specialist technical translation into Korean

Andiamo’s Korean technical translation team are not only mother tongue, professionally-qualified Korean translators but have extensive technical knowledge to provide accurate technical translations.

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Korean typesetting services

Andiamo! provides a Korean typesetting service using the latest InDesign software and specialist Korean fonts. Our expert typesetters have an eye for detail and will send back your formatted Korean manual or brochure matching the style of the original.

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Looking for a Korean interpreter?

Andiamo’s team of professional Korean interpreters are based all over the world. Our consecutive interpreters can assist you at small meetings and company visits and our simultaneous interpreters can assist you at large conferences and media events.

As part of Andiamo’s Korean interpreting service, we can also provide equipment such as microphones, headsets, booths and PA systems.

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