Specialist Thai translation services

Andiamo! helps businesses all over the world with their Thai translation needs. Thai is spoken by over 50 million people worldwide and Thailand is one of the fastest growing economies in East Asia. If you’re looking to do business in Thailand get in touch to find out how we can help you boost your company profile with Thai translation.

Thai technical translation

Andiamo! provides Thai technical translation services of datasheets, manuals and website copy for automotive and engineering companies. Our Thai technical translators are all experts in their field, and all use the latest translation tools to ensure your translations are consistent every time.

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Thai medical translation services

The medical sector is one of Andiamo’s core sectors. We provide specialist Thai medical translation services in line with our translation quality standard ISO 17100:2015. This means all of your Thai medical translations are carried out by professionally qualified and experienced Thai medical translators and also go through a thorough revision by a second specialist medical translator.

Thai creative translation

In addition to technical and medical, we work with some expert creative Thai translators who specialise in recreating marketing and tourism texts in Thai. They will ensure your message is relayed to your target audience using the appropriate style as well as terminology.

Specialist Thai typesetting service

As well as offering Thai translation, Andiamo! provides a Thai typesetting service.

Our in-house typesetting team use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software and have an extensive knowledge of the Thai script (ภาษาไทย). There are no spaces between words. A space indicates a sentence break therefore using a professional typesetting service will ensure line breaks are split in the right place. We can advise you on other aspects of the Thai script too, such as the fact that although it reads left-to-right, the vowels can be placed before, after, above or below the consonants.

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