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Miranda SambidgeMiranda SambidgeMiranda SambidgeLinkedIn Icon

Miranda Sambidge

Managing Director

Miranda has been at Andiamo! for 25 years and speaks French, Spanish, German and Italian. She loves taking her dog, Sam, for walks in Roundhay Park, as well as cooking and baking for friends, family and colleagues.

Jane CrossleyJane CrossleyJane CrossleyLinkedIn Icon

Jane Crossley

Projects Team Leader

Jane's fluent in German, has an MA in Applied Translation Studies and has been at Andiamo! for 10 years. Aka Speedy Gonzalez, Jane is no stranger to marathons and can outrun everyone in the office!

Lauren TandyLauren TandyLauren TandyLinkedIn Icon

Lauren Tandy

Project Manager

A fun and friendly vegan foodie, Lauren loves to travel. During her BA degree she spent her year abroad in Dijon, France and Padua, Italy before studying an MA in Translation. She's currently learning Greek.

Sarah PlaceSarah PlaceSarah PlaceLinkedIn Icon

Sarah Place

Project Manager

From Morocco to Switzerland, Sarah is a globe-trotting, food-loving linguaphile. When she’s not training for her next run, she’s learning Spanish or galloping around on her horse, Lorcan.

Elizabeth NightingaleElizabeth NightingaleElizabeth NightingaleLinkedIn Icon

Elizabeth Nightingale

Project Manager

Elizabeth speaks French, Italian and Spanish and has an MA in Applied Translation Studies. She loves playing her French horn, singing in choirs and drumming in her local pipe band.

Sophie AshleySophie AshleySophie AshleyLinkedIn Icon

Sophie Ashley

Vendor Controller

Sophie has a BA in German and Spanish and spent her year abroad working in Berlin. She loves baking vegan cookies, practising on her skateboard, and reading Latin American literature.

Maciej HoangMaciej HoangMaciej HoangLinkedIn Icon

Maciej Hoang

Sales Executive

Maj has a BA in Business and Marketing and is a native Polish speaker. When he’s not in the office, he’s out in the mountains conquering peaks and hiking across wonderful landscapes with breathtaking views! Also, a brilliant cook!

Joseph HarrisonJoseph HarrisonJoseph HarrisonLinkedIn Icon

Joseph Harrison

Sales Executive

With a BA in History & Politics, Joseph is our resident historian, having studied in Ireland and the Netherlands. When he isn’t closing deals or going through old books, he spends his free time weightlifting and fencing.

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