translation for the toy industry

Translation for the Toy Industry - A Case Study

TOMY was established in 1924, and is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of high-quality toys, games and arts and crafts.

They produce and sell products for children, infants and adults and their brands include Club Mocchi Mocchi, Lamaze, Ricky Zoom, and John Deere Kids. Their mission is to make the world smile!

Their products are sold and loved, across the world, creating a need for trusted translation for the toy industry.

translation for the toy industry

The Importance of Translation for the Toy Industry

We support the TOMY Creative Services Team to meet their transition-related legal requirements, and help aid their expansion into new territories, with instruction sheets, packaging copy, and marcoms translation services.

Translation for the toy industry

Our Approach

The TOMY Creative Services Team submit regular requests for small translation projects. To support their working processes, we set up an open order system to ensure their projects are managed in a time efficient and cost-effective way.

TOMY’s source texts can be quite varied, ranging from highly creative to more technical projects related to the safety of their products. We helped to select the perfect translators specialising in both the more creative and technical aspects of translation for the toy industry, to deliver the perfect skill set for each project.

Source files are received as PDFs for artwork files, or Excel files, which we translate into multiple languages. We deliver multilingual Excel files back to the client, which retain the original English text, so TOMY’s in-house typesetting team can clearly see what each translation refers to when formatting their completed piece.

Our skilled, accurate and trusted translators transform TOMY’s instruction sheet, packaging copy, and marcoms copy into: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Flemish, Polish, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, and a dozen other languages.

Translation for the toy industry
Translation for the Toy Industry CASE STUDY

Our marketing, product and creative services teams have been working with Andiamo for the last 4 years.

The service we get from Sarah and the team is prompt, professional and proactive.

Costs are clear and competitive – it’s why we moved suppliers to them in the first place. They are responsive, able to adapt to the types of artwork, translation needs and timeframes we need, and their communication is excellent.

We haven’t been able to find another agency that delivers in the same way.
Plus, they are a nice team to work with – which always helps!

translation for the toy industry

The Challenges of Providing Translation for the Toy Industry

Working with TOMY presented two potential challenges for Andiamo!

The first was implementing a customised, open order workflow, to support The Creative Services Team and their working style. The second potential challenge was ensuring the “little and often” approach to receiving TOMY’s translation projects was reasonable to our translators.

Our open order system was a great success and continues to work well for the client, and our amenable translators provide the flexibility required for TOMY’s projects. The excellent relationships we have with our translators also enables us to have open discussions about translation adaptations or how a particular translation has been handled, to ensure we continue delivering the highest quality translations and maintain our position as go-to specialists in translation for the toy industry.

translation for the toy industry
translation for the toy industry

Our Process

Our process began with a briefing stage, exploring examples of TOMY’s products and packaging, their reference links and files, and identifying the languages we’d be translating their content into.

Specialising in translation for the toy industry, we then presented how we would support the TOMY team, and began selecting the perfect translators for the initial projects.

Final translations are shared upon completion, and projects are invoiced on a monthly basis, to offer TOMY the best value service and to minimise admin.

translation for the toy industry

The Results of Our Translation

TOMY used to handle their translations in-house, but have since transferred their translation projects to Andiamo.

We’ve helped to smoothen their operations, increase their speed of production, and ease the workload of their German and French offices, and Distribution teams, with our years of experience specialising in translation for the toy industry, and team of trusted translators who transform their copy into over 25 languages.

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