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Foreign language voice-overs

Do you need native speaking voice-over artistes to record a voice-over for your video in a foreign language?

Andiamo! provides you with the foreign language recording artistes, the studio and everything you need for a foreign language voice-over.


What our clients say

  • Andiamo provided translation and voice-over of our audio tours in Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese. We were very happy with Andiamo’s service and with the finished audio recordings and will definitely use Andiamo’s language services in the future.
  • Andiamo have provided us with excellent translations each time we have used them - both for printed brochures and recorded voice-overs for videos. Despite the nature of the content often including complex technical information, they have always got it right first time. Their service is also very reasonably priced and in my opinion, excellent value for money.

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Voice-over script translation

If you have a script that’s already written but hasn’t yet been translated into the languages you need for your voice-overs, let us know and we’ll be happy to translate these for you before the recording goes ahead.  


All kinds of accents

Not only can you choose the language of your voice-over artiste, you can choose the accent too!

Let us know exactly how you would like your voice-over to sound and we’ll do our best to find you your perfect match.


Professional recording studio hire

Andiamo! can also arrange the recording studio space where your voice-over artistes meet to record your voice-overs under the care of a sound engineer and editor who work together to make your voice-overs sound as professional as possible.