8 things we’re feeling positive about

21st April 2020

Emily Robertshaw

At Andiamo! we’re all about finding the positives in every situation! Here are the top 8 things we’re feeling positive about right now:


1) Exercising

The sun has been shining for us this month and we’re loving putting on our running shoes or hopping on our bikes and getting out in the fresh air. On the cloudier days, we’ve been really making the most of choosing from hundreds of online fitness classes. Whether it’s PE with Joe Wicks, a full-on HIIT class or yoga with Adriene, we’re really lucky to be able to try them all from the comfort of our living rooms.


2) Appreciating nature and the environment

When getting our daily fresh air, whether we’re walking, running or cycling, we can hear the bees buzzing and the birds tweeting without hearing the hum of car engines. Walking through Roundhay Park or along the Leeds and Liverpool canal, we’ve been spotting all the beautiful spring flowers, like the daffodils, bluebells and blossom that are thriving in this weather.


3) Spending quality time with the people you live with

The extra time not commuting and not having other commitments means we have more precious time to spend with our partners, children and pets at home.

Miranda’s dog, Sam, and Sarah’s dog, Daisy, love all the extra attention!


4) Keeping in touch with family and friends with video

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done so many virtual pub quizzes! We’re thankful for the many video platforms that allow us to see and speak to our loved ones during all of this. A few minutes chatting to them can really boost our spirits.


5) Admiring the community spirit

So many people are offering to do their bit for the community. Whether it’s people doing shops for the elderly and vulnerable or picking up the phone to talk to someone living on their own. We also feel so proud of key workers as everyone claps for carers from their doorsteps every Thursday evening.


6) Reading good books and watching new films and series

We’ve got more time to really immerse ourselves in a good book, so we’re making the most of it. Fantasy novels are the perfect way to escape, so we’ve been revisiting Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Uplifting novels are great too, and our Projects Team Leader, Jane, recommends ‘A Boy Made of Blocks’ by Keith Stuart.


When it comes to series, I’m sure everyone has binged Tiger King by now, so if you’re looking for new series and films to watch, why not try a foreign language one. It’s a great way to learn about a new culture and start to pick up a new language. Our PM Luke loves foreign language series and you can find his top 9 recommendations here.


7) Getting creative in the kitchen

Now is a brilliant time to experiment with cooking and baking depending on what ingredients you can get your hands on. We’re yet to follow the trend of using soft bananas to bake banana bread but we’ve been trying out hot cross buns, focaccia and home-made pizzas! Personally, I’ve been making the most of having no weekend plans and cooking up some delicious brunches like Shakshuka.


8) Fundraising at home

As large fundraising events are cancelled, we’re really enjoying following the people who are thinking outside the box and doing amazing challenges at home. We especially love that people have started running marathons around their gardens and one man climbed the height of Everest by running up and down his stairs!

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