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Famous people who speak foreign languages


7th June 2013

Emily Robertshaw

Never judge a book by its cover! Here are some Hollywood stars who speak other languages.


Colin Firth – Italian (Married to Italian film director/producer Livia Giuggioli)

Gary Lineker – Spanish and Japanese (Played for Barcelona and Japanese team Nagoya Grampus Eight)

Eddie Izzard – French and Arabic (Born in Yemen and does comedy routines in French)

Natalie Portman – Hebrew (Born in Israel)

Kim Cattrall – German (Lived in Frankfurt while married to Andre Lyson)

Diane Kruger – German and French (Born in Germany and speaks fluent French)

Charlize Theron – Afrikaans (Born in South Africa)

Mila Kunis – Russian (Moved to USA from Ukraine at the age of 7)

Leonardo Di Caprio – German (His mother is German)

Gwyneth Paltrow – Spanish (Studied in Spain)

Kristin Scott Thomas – French (Has lived in France since the age of 19)

Tilda Swinton – Italian (Learned the language for the 2009 film lo sono l’amore)

Bradley Cooper – French (Studied in Aix-en-Provence as part of a university exchange programme)

Sandra Bullock – German (Her mother was a German opera singer)


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