How to say Merry Christmas in other languages

18th November 2019

Emily Robertshaw


Christmas is almost here! Why not take the opportunity to learn how to say Merry Christmas in different languages? Whether you want to write it in your Christmas cards or say it to family and friends from all over the world, you can with the help of our language list and pronunciation guide.


Chinese (Simplified)圣诞快乐shèng dàn kuài lè
Chinese (Traditional)聖誕快樂shèng dàn kuài lè
CroatianSretan Božićsray tan bow zic
CzechVesele Vanocevay say lay va no zay
DanishGlædelig Julgled yule
DutchVrolijk Kerstfeestvro le er kurst fest
FinnishHyvää Jouluawho va yole wa
FrenchJoyeux Noëlzhwa yeu noh el
GermanFrohe Weinachtenfro eh vine act en
GreekKαλά χριστούγενναka la he stu ya na
ItalianBuon Natalebwon na ta lay
Japaneseメリークリスマスmay ri ku ris su ma su
LatvianPriecīgus Ziemassvētkuspree eh see gus zee eh mess at kus
LithuanianLinksmu Kalédulinks moo ka lay do
NorwegianGledelig Jul/God Julgled yule/god yule
PolishWesołych Światve so lic see at
PortugueseFeliz Natalfay leezh na tal
RomanianCrăciun Fericitcre chun fe ri chit
RussianС Рождествомs razh di est vom
SlovakVesele Vianocevay say lay vee a no zay
SloveneVesel Božičvay sel bow six
SpanishFeliz Navidadfay leese na vee dad
SwedishGod Julgod yule
TurkishMutlu Noellermoot loo no el eh


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