5 minutes with Sarah Place

13th August 2018

Emily Robertshaw


Sarah Place


Job title

Vendor Controller


Tell us a bit about yourself…

I come from York and I studied French and Italian at the University of Manchester. I love animals and so I spend a lot of time out walking with my dog or horse riding, I also love food and although I’m not the best cook I like to try out new recipes.

How did you get into languages?

When I was young I used to always go on camping holidays to different places in either France or Italy with my parents and friends. Our favourite place was the Vendée in France and this is where my interest in the languages began. I did French and Spanish at school but as I love Italy and its culture so much I decided to study the language at uni.


How are you finding working at Andiamo! so far and what are you most looking forward to?

I am very much enjoying working at Andiamo! There is a lot to learn but it all seems to be very interesting and my colleagues are all friendly and helpful. I am looking forward to working as a team with everybody and learning everything that comes with my new role.


Where is your favourite place in the world and where would you like to travel to next?

My favourite place in the world is France, I spent a lot of time in Grenoble as part of my year abroad and this will always be a very special place for me. I would love to travel further though and my dream would be to go on an African safari and see all the animals in the wild.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy singing, whilst I was at uni I joined the Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir and we rehearsed every week, so I hope to join one closer to home. I also enjoy exercising and I recently got into amateur photography, so I like going anywhere I can to walk in the fresh air and take photos.

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