5 top tips for getting the best translations

4th September 2023

Elizabeth Nightingale

5 top tips for translation

Are you looking for professional, high-quality translations for your business?

Are you new to translation services and wondering where to start?

Here are 5 top tips for translation from Andiamo’s experienced project managers to help you get the most out of a professional translation agency.

1. Think about the services you need

In addition to translation, many agencies will offer interpreting, foreign language typesetting, subtitling and voiceover services. Are you looking to publish a brochure, subtitle a video or source an interpreter for a business meeting? Ask the translation agency what they can offer for these tasks, and whether they can provide all stages of the project.

2. Know which languages you will need

It is a good idea to let a translation agency know straight away which languages you will need, as well as the variant (e.g. Portuguese for Brazil). Agencies have a database of approved translators, and they will be able to find someone for the correct language and subject matter straight away, or source a new translator if needed.

3. Be prepared to provide the material you would like to be translated

Translation agencies are usually happy to provide you with an estimated cost for a draft document or a ballpark figure for a certain number of words, which can be updated on receipt of the final document.

However, it is very beneficial for you if you can provide your files for translation at the same time as your initial request. Quotations are usually based on word count and subject matter, and a translation agency will be able to provide an accurate quotation if they are quoting for a specific document/s.

They will also be able to source specialist translators for the job with experience and expertise in your subject matter.

4. Think about how much content you would like to be translated

Do you have multiple files for translation? It is much more cost-effective for you to have all your files translated at the same time. Translation agencies will offer a discount based on repeated segments of text within your files. The more content you have for translation, the bigger this discount will be!

Translation memory software will store your translations in a database. When you send your next documents for translation, they will be analysed against this database to take previously translated content into account, ensuring consistency and quality whilst offering you a further discount!

5. Let the agency know when you will need to receive your translations

From receiving your request to delivering your translations, a translation project includes multiple stages. It is important to factor these into your timeline so that you can receive your translations when you need them.

Translation agencies can be flexible with turnaround times and can accommodate anything from an urgent press release to a longer product manual. If you have an intended timeframe, it is worth mentioning this to the agency so that they can offer a service that best meets your requirements.

Most of all, ask plenty of questions and give the translation agency as much information as you feel is necessary so that they can offer a service tailored to your needs!

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