Professional translation to grow your business overseas

13th January 2023

Miranda Sambidge

When growing your business in an international market you need professional translation services for your content. Your translated content needs to be authentic and appropriate for the new audiences you’re targeting as this is the only way that you’ll successfully build customer awareness and trust.

Content translation

To succeed in countries where English isn’t the main language, your web content, emails, advertising and social channels will all need professional translation. If you work in the toy and games sector, your packaging and instructions will also need to be translated to ensure that they work for your new target audience and that you meet all safety standards.

Get the details right

By hiring experts, you’ll ensure that you’re entering new markets safely and professionally. This is especially important when it comes to medical translations, because the details here are vital; you can’t allow any potential for the misinterpretation of words or meaning here because it affects patient safety. This is true of the engineering sector too; each detail is key. People’s safety is paramount, so you need to be absolutely certain that your translated material is accurate.

Building trust

When looking at web content, your translated material needs to be accessible and intuitive. This is why it’s important to work with translators who are native speakers of the target language; they know the intricacies of the language and how to make a true translation that’s in line with the culture of the country you’re working in.

This is crucial for the travel and tourism industry, because customers will feel confident to book with you if they trust your content. Here at Andiamo! we’re proud to provide you with translators who are native speakers of your chosen target languages. This eliminates any chance of misinterpretation and ensures that your messages are truly effective for your new target audiences.

Culture and branding

Translation doesn’t work when you simply change content word for word. The culture of your local audiences must be considered at all times and it’s important that your translators understand this and factor it in. Some brands have had to alter their name when working in new countries because the direct translation is an offensive word within that culture.

Your translators also need to carry your branding and messaging across into the translated content and make it relevant at a local level. Only experts can meld the target language, culture and your marketing messages to ensure that your brand is represented accurately allowing it to grow and become relevant to new markets.

Communication style

This is another important part of content translation. A casual, friendly tone may work in the UK, but it may not be suitable in other countries. Every target audience has their own way of communicating, and the tone of your content needs to be adjusted for each one. How well you communicate in different countries determines how well your business will do there.

Our professional translators are native speakers of your target language and they also have industry experience of working in your specific sector. This ensures that your messaging is accurate and effective, helping your business to thrive in new markets.

To find out more about how our professional translation services will help you succeed overseas, contact us now. Call us on +44 (0)113 350 4541 or fill in our online form.

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