Translation Services for Toys and Games

21st November 2022

Miranda Sambidge

Translation Services for Toys and Games

Unlock new audiences abroad by getting complete and professionally translated material for your toys and games. Engage overseas customers and enable them to enjoy every aspect of your products safely, with thorough instructions and safety information.

Toys and games

Here at Andiamo! we work on all types of content for a wide variety of toy and game products, including board games and packaging. Board game instructions can be a complex item to translate as instructions are critical to ensure that a game can be completed without confusion or the opportunity to cheat!

All of this needs to be understood and used within the translated material so that it resonates properly with your target audience.

Toy instructions and safety information

Creating instructions that make your products fully accessible to new audiences is key. Ensure that your products are safe to use by getting your instructions professionally translated. The easier your instructions are to understand, the more your customers will enjoy the experience and the safer they’ll be. All of this will help you to thrive in new overseas markets.

Specialist toy and games translators

At Andiamo, we make sure that your translator has worked within the toy and games sector so they understand the jargon and can match the style of the original text to ensure the language used is aimed at the correct audience. Not only that, but they’ll be a native speaker of your target language to allow them to translate content that will engage with your audience. Our in-house verifiers check through all translated content to catch any slips or errors, and to ensure that you receive high quality translations which are ready to use.


Translating Board Game instructions

Localising your content

The only way to truly localise your content is to work with translators who are native speakers of the target language and who understand all the cultural references within it. Word for word translation isn’t effective because there are many intricacies within languages and things can be easily misrepresented. By using specialist native speakers you’ll receive an authentic translation that will engage your audience and give them the best impression of your company.

Foreign language typesetting

When you use our desktop publishing services, we’ll put your translated content directly into your original designs and artwork before sending it back to you. This means that the translated material is ready for you to use immediately, speeding up processes at your end. You can also relax knowing that any foreign scripts are typeset by professional linguists which reduces the risk of errors.

Translation memory for Toys and Games

We store the translations we do for you in translation memory software to ensure consistency in translation and this also avoids you paying twice for repeated segments of text. For updated products we can reuse these translations so you can still send us your entire document, but we will exclude previously translated segments from our quote.

We work with some of the biggest names in the toys and games industry, such as Smyths Toys, TOMY and Galt as well as many large international toy and games clients. All our experience delivering complex translation projects for these client enables you to start engaging with new audiences effectively.

To achieve high quality, effective and accurate translation services for your toy and games products, contact us now. Call us on +44 (0)113 350 4541 or fill in our online form.

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