Effective Translation Services for Tourism

28th September 2022

Miranda Sambidge

Translation Services for Tourism

If you run a tourism business you’ll understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively with your potential customers. Your website gives you the potential to reach countless new customers worldwide, but it’s only truly effective if people can understand and trust your content. That’s why you need specialist tourism translators.

All tourism businesses benefit from translating content into other languages, including visitor attractions, museums, venues, hotels, resorts, ferries and cruises and travel agents.

Content customers trust

When customers from abroad are booking with you, they need to feel that they can trust your business. The only way that you can effectively encourage this is to provide them with authentic content. Poorly translated text doesn’t ring true because mistakes like grammatical errors come across as careless and/or thoughtless, which leads people to doubt your services. On the other hand, if the content has been translated into the customer’s language by a native speaker of their language, it feels genuine and reassuring.

Translating messages authentically

Our specialist translators are always native speakers of the target language and they’re also professionals at translating marketing messages. This means that they don’t translate your text word for word, because this doesn’t work. They translate the heart and meaning of your content effectively and accurately to create the same emotions of your original text. Specialist translators ensure that these messages fit into the culture of your target country, and this makes them truly effective.

Translation Services for Tourism

The type of content you need translating varies depending on the type of business you run. However, your website will always need translating when you’re targeting countries that speak a different language to your own. By translating content well and by using accurate keywords for your target language, you can improve your SEO. Translated content gives you the ability to engage with customers abroad, as well as those that have travelled to the UK already.

Other tourist content you should consider translating includes:

Which languages should you translate into?

It’s important to know which countries you should be targeting, especially if you have a limited budget. Research where your current visitors are travelling from and who your business appeals to most to see whether your existing content is providing what they need.

Research shows that UK visitors from Asian countries like Japan, and especially China, are increasing at pace. If you want to attract tourists from these countries then you must ensure that you cater for their needs. Do you have support available when tourists arrive, such as translated visitor information, maps and guides? People want to feel safe and cared for, and they want to access your business confidently. Translated material goes a long way to reassuring people that they’ll be looked after by your business when travelling abroad.

Quality tourism typesetting service

Our foreign language typesetting service means that your text can be translated into any language, whilst matching the style of the original content. This is true even when the target language uses a different script, like when translating into Chinese, for example. Our professional team will return your files in a format that’s ready for you to upload or print immediately, making the process easy and smooth at your end.

Specialist translators

Our experienced tourism translators are native speakers of your target language and fully understand the culture of the country. This means that you’ll get authentic translations that make perfect sense to your target audience because they use the correct, local terminology. By using native speakers, there’s no chance of misinterpretation; the messages will be culturally relevant to your audience and this is the most effective way of engaging them with your tourism business.

To talk to us about our tourism translation services, contact us now on 08450 345677 or fill in our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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