Engineering Translation Services for Product Export

6th September 2022

Miranda Sambidge

Engineering Translation Services for Export

When preparing products for export it’s important to use specialist translators for all the documents associated with them. The engineering sector uses very specific and highly technical terminology and language and any misinterpretation of the translated content could put people’s safety at risk. This is why you need to use professional engineering translators who are not only native speakers of the target language, but who also have experience of all the technical terminology you use.

Translation for product export

When exporting products to different countries, your technical documents and engineer user manuals will need to be translated into their native language. The accuracy of these documents is paramount because technicians and engineers use them to maintain your products effectively and safely. Any potential misinterpretation here could put people’s welfare and lives at risk.

Other content that will need translating includes your website, your brochures and/or catalogues. The language used within these is potentially more creative as it’s used to attract new customers, but they still have important technical elements within them.

Industry leading translation software

To ensure accuracy and consistency across all your translated text, our specialist translators use translation memory software. Translation memories (TMs) are used to help our specialists work more efficiently. Segments of text that are repeated throughout your documents are stored and then used again to ensure that they’re always translated in exactly the same way. This helps us produce high quality, consistent translations within a quicker time frame.

Saving you money and ensuring quality

Technical documents often include an element of repetition so by using the translation memory software which saves time as well as ensuring consistency, we can also pass this benefit on to you in the form of a discount.

When you ask us for a quote, we’ll analyse your documents to determine the amount of repeated text within them. If there are repetitions or matches from previously translated text we’ve carried out for you, you’ll receive a discount clearly indicated on your quotation.

Human engineering translations

We understand the need for complete accuracy when translating for the engineering industry and we have the experience and expertise to deliver the best technical translations for you. Your translators will be native speakers of the target languages to ensure complete authenticity within the translated text and leave no room for misinterpretation. Not only that, but they’ll also have experience and expertise within the engineering sector. This ensures that they understand all your technical terminology and how to express this accurately in your target languages.

Typesetting technical translated text

Your translated manuals and brochures can be accurately typeset by us so that they match your original format and be ready to use immediately. Our in-house typesetters are experts in typesetting all foreign scripts and will provide advice where necessary to ensure your finished literature is suitable for the target market.

Working globally

In order for your products to succeed overseas, all your copy, from websites to technical and safety information, will need to be expertly translated. Our professional team will bridge any language and cultural gaps by providing authentic and accurate content to help you engage with new customers and ensure your success.

Contact our friendly team today and we’ll provide you with a full and accurate translation quote for your engineering translations – call on 08450 345677, or fill in our online form.

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