5 ways to increase business from exhibitions

9th January 2017

Emily Robertshaw



Website translation

In an age where creating a lot of specialist content on your website is vital for your SEO rankings it’s definitely worthwhile considering having your content translated to reach more prospects. Or, if you have a small budget at least having a landing page translated into each of your target market languages. It’ll help raise awareness of your company to exhibition visitors before they arrive.

If you are looking to have your entire website translated here are a few things you should think about before you get started.


Social media translation

If you’ve had your content translated to help explain your brand to foreign prospects then it makes sense to have your social media posts translated too. Consider having your tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts translated by specialist marketing translators to help raise awareness of your brand before the event and to stay in people’s minds afterwards too.


Signage translation

A lot of thought goes into the design of your exhibition signage so you can make it as eye-catching to potential customers as possible. You could think about having multilingual signage to attract foreign visitors to your stand too.

It’ll stand out more to new prospects who will also feel more valued and willing to discuss business with you. Having additional translated material to reinforce your interest in working with them or at least have it translated straight after the exhibition as a great follow-up.


Marketing materials translation

Many companies have specialist marketing materials created in preparation for exhibitions containing appealing, persuasive content for visitors. Why not also consider providing translated versions of your marketing materials and business cards to make a good first impression to representatives from overseas companies?

These translations should be carried out by specialist marketing translators who thoroughly research your brand to gain a deep understanding of your company culture and the tone of voice that should be replicated in the foreign language.

As a result of taking translated Stadium Tour brochures to an exhibition in Shanghai, Manchester City Football Club has seen a 15% increase in visitors from China and Japan.


Technical brochure translation

If you’re in the technical industry and are showcasing technical product brochures and manuals to increase sales, having them translated into the languages of your target markets will have a much bigger impact.

Specialist technical translators who have an excellent understanding of ensuring your material is translated accurately and to a high-quality will certainly impress potential buyers.


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