Hannover Messe 2016

20th April 2016

Emily Robertshaw

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology and the role that translators and interpreters play in international business

As Hannover prepares for its annual industrial technology trade fair, which sees many of the leading names in business, politics and research present to tens of thousands of visitors, Andiamo, specialists in translation and interpreting services, is exploring the imperative role translators play at events like this and crafting multinational business covenants in general.

Hannover Messe is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. Approximately 6,500 exhibitors flock to see this annual business event, which attracts around 250,000 visitors. This fair is held on the Hannover Fairground in Hannover, Germany.

The British military government established the Hannover Messe in 1947 as a means of boosting the economy in post-war Germany. The event proved incredibly successful, so much so that it has since been repeated each year.

This year’s Hannover Messe event is taking place on 25th-29th April.

The United States is the 2016 Hannover Messe’s Partner Country. Such is the prestige of the Hannover Messe that US President Obama will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open the 2016 event of April 24th 2016.

In response to the news that President Obama would be opening the event, Dr. Jochen Kockler, member of the managing board at the Deutsche Messe AG said:

“President Obama’s participation sends a special signal about Hannover Messe’s international appeal.”

The Hannover Messe event includes an exciting programme of ‘specials’, with calibre international speakers from business and government discussing a variety of topical issues in themed forums, such as ‘Global business and markets’ and ‘Young tech enterprises’. 1367 speakers will be presenting at Hannover Messe. These high profile speakers are gathering in Hannover from around the world, many of whom are the directors and CEOs of some of the biggest international companies and organisations.


Global Business and Markets

With a focus on investments and joint ventures this year, Global Business & Markets is Europe’s leading forum for international trade. Over 5,000 decision makers are expected to attend the event and as part of Hannover Messe 2016 to discuss new global market opportunities. The line-up includes “high-level conferences, quality advice from expert advisers and a multidisciplinary Investment Lounge – all clustered in a central networking area that will attract business delegations from around the world”.

The forum is a hub for business leaders from around the world who are looking to develop international business or invest in emerging markets.


Young Tech Enterprises

The Young Tech Enterprises is another special feature of the event’s programme. It recognises the role young companies play in driving innovation in the technology sector. With a healthy appetite for risk and investment, Hannover Messe 2016 has a strong focus on showcasing the innovation and agility of young industrial entrepreneurs. These Young Tech Enterprises will have the opportunity to network with cooperation partners, business development agencies, investors and market incumbents.

As the Hannover Messe website states:

“They [Young Tech Enterprises] bring renewed competition to the markets they enter and they pioneer new business models.”

Young “techies” certainly played a pioneering role in the early days of the internet. blogging in particular. Interestingly, when the internet started it was predominantly confined to being used by the early tech adopters. Many of the first blogs and bloggers tended to be on the subject of technology. This was primarily due to the fact that it was only the technology experts that had the knowledge to code and host their own blogs. These forerunners took early advantage of what has now become a ubiquitous communications’ tool, adopted by the masses.

What started as a platform for young technology enthusiasts to share their passion, ideas and innovations, quickly transpired into a vital tool for B2C and later B2B. This was made possible by the development of user-friendly blogging platforms, such as Typepad and WordPress.

In 1999 there were a mere 23 blogs in circulation on the internet. By mid-2006 there was 50 million. As Northern Lights PR notes, by the end of 2011 there were a staggering 181,000,000 blogs worldwide and one infographic suggests that in 2013 that figure stood at 152 million blogs in existence.

The prolific rise in blogs is a succinct depiction of how the internet has made the world smaller. Through blogs and other digital social platforms, we now have instant knowledge about the culture, news, traditions and trends of virtually every corner of the world. Thanks to the geographically-boundary free world of the internet, we can communicate instantly with one another from around the world.

Consequently, many of these early internet techies have become world business leaders. The name Mark Zuckerberg immediately springs to mind. What began as a humble networking college project eventually became Facebook: a world leading communications platform that turned the American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur into a household name with a net worth of approximately $46 billion (as of December 2015).

The likes of Facebook, Uber and Twitter have ‘brought the world together’ in a similar way translators and interpreters do.


‘Words without borders’

By delivering ‘words without borders’, interpreters and translators enable us to converse with one another, even if we cannot speaker each other’s language.

In the business world, specialist translators play a vital role. They allow business owners to network and share opportunities and knowledge internationally, ensure mutual understanding and gain agreement for joint business ventures, and make sure contractual clarity can be reached for new business deals and trade agreements. It is especially important to work with skilled translators when legal contracts and agreements are drawn up and signed.

The internet may have made the world smaller in the 21st century, but translators and interpreters have been bringing people together and making the world a smaller place for centuries, crossing geographical boundaries and enabling the global business handshake to exist and survive.


The vital role translators and interpreters play at international business events

Translators and interpreters play an important role in global business, enhancing communication by conveying information accurately from one language to another in different countries across the world.

For international event planners, translation and interpreting is a vital aspect of events management. Consideration needs to be given to the needs of international audiences before, during and after the event. This can include:


International language of business

English has long been considered as the international language of business. The British Council has reported that by 2020, a staggering two billion people will be studying English. However, despite the English language evolving in recent years from being a “marker of the elite” into a “basic skill needed for the entire workforce,” English is far from being the only international language for business.

As Forbes writes:

“The ability to speak a second (or third language is clearly important for becoming a global leader.”

China’s growing international manufacturing and trade market offers a vast range of opportunities for foreign investors. Such is China’s dominance on the global market that claims have been made “those who do not speak Chinese are not ready for the 21st century.”

With companies and employers across the world recognising the importance of doing business with the world’s fastest growing economy, the savviest of organisations are seeking to establish relationships and create important business links with the Chinese. Consequently, being able to converse in Mandarin has become an extremely valuable skill to possess.

In 2013 Prime Minister David Cameron visited China with more than 100 British business leaders, in a visit designed to promote ‘Sino-British relations’ and encourage Chinese investment in the UK. At the time, Cameron urged for there to be a shift from learning traditional European languages in British schools to languages like Mandarin that will help “seal tomorrow’s business deals.”

However, Mandarin is not the only important international language for business. Brazil is another rapidly growing economy, considered to be Latin America’s most dynamic economy. Consequently, the ability to speak Brazilian Portuguese is hailed as a valuable skill to own in the business world.


‘Must sees’ from the Hannover Messe programme

If you are attending this year’s Hannover Messe, you might like to check out the ‘Ideas for the Factory of Tomorrow’ feature in the event’s Digital Factory. The Digital Factory will look at some of the key areas innovative IT companies should be investing in and the resulting business models of such future IT innovations. High calibre representatives from the world of politics, research and business will be present to discuss such ideas and issues.

Sustainability is another key buzzword in many modern business agendas. So another ‘must see’ at Hannover Messe 2016 is the Energy – Creating a Sustainable Future’ feature. Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss all the key trends in sustainability and be the first to discover new innovations emerging from the innovators involved in ensuring we create a sustainable future.

For more information on the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology and what you can expect at the Hannover Messe 2016, visit the event’s official website.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for quality, experienced and professional international business interpreters and translators for your event of to help you reach new markets and plan for international trade, Andiamo! can help you with all your translation and interpreting requirements.

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