How to Avoid Marketing Translation Mistakes

27th April 2022

Miranda Sambidge

Avoid Marketing Translation Mistakes

The marketing translation process is much more complex than direct translation because you can’t simply swap out the words. The feeling and messaging of the original material needs to carry through to a whole new language and a whole new culture.

Direct (word for word) translation doesn’t work

Taking marketing material and changing the text directly into another language isn’t effective because the cultural context of the target language could be entirely different. Words and expressions often mean different things within different cultures; some words may not be appropriate, and some terms or ideas could even be offensive. On top of that, there may be words that don’t have a direct translation in the target language.

Marketing translation is conceptual

Marketing translation is a complex and creative process that has to balance your brand’s message alongside the local culture of the new target audience, and somehow bring the two together.

Our marketing translators translate your message, and not just the words of the original material. To be able to do this effectively, they need to understand whether your message is appropriate or even makes sense to the target audience. If it doesn’t, they need to find a way to express it differently.

Brand taglines and slogans

These issues apply to your taglines and slogans too. Our marketing translator may need to translate the idea of the slogan instead of the words so that they can create the same reaction as your original material.

The layout and look of your content

With marketing translation, it’s not just the words that need to be considered, but also the practical implications, such how the translated words will fit on the page. Some languages use a lot more words to say the same thing, and others use less. This means that the layout of your packaging, brochure or adverts etc. may need to be altered for the translated material.

There may also need to be changes to the colours and images used, again so that the marketing material works for the target audience. For example, in some countries certain colours have specific significance, which may not be positive for your brand.

Same message – different content

The key to successful marketing translation is to keep hold of your brand’s message, no matter which language you’re translating into. The words and images of your content may change, sometimes significantly. However, by using a professional, experienced marketing translator that knows the culture of your target language, your message will stay the same.

Keeping hold of your brand

It’s normal to feel uneasy about potential changes to your content, but professional marketing translators will keep your brand’s tone, values and identity constant and recognisable in all languages.

Reviewing your material

Here at Andiamo! we recommend that your marketing translations have an extra review conducted by one of our specialists. They’ll be from your sector as well as a native speaker of the target language, and this gives you extra reassurance that the messaging is effective as well as being culturally appropriate.

When working on your marketing translations, our professional, experienced team at Andiamo! will ensure that your material is effective and successful for your target audience. To find out more about our marketing translation services, please contact us now on 08450 345677 or fill in our online form.

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