Sue is retiring!

10th January 2020

Emily Robertshaw

After 21 years at Andiamo, our Sales Executive Sue Archer is retiring.

Sue retiring

Sue has always loved languages, so has been a very passionate and enthusiastic member of the Andiamo! team. Before joining Andiamo! Sue spent several years living and working in Jerez, the sherry capital of Spain. For 4 out of the 6 years Sue worked as Secretary to the Export Director of Garvey SA, one of the big sherry companies. Her job involved general secretarial duties in the Export department (no email or computers in those days!). She was also involved in the PR department which included taking visitors round the bodega and explaining the sherry process.

Sue then moved back to the UK and joined Marc Woolmer Recruitment in 1998 for a few years as Marc’s secretary. As Andiamo! Language Services were operating within the same premises, Sue was excited to work in a language environment and started working for us in general administration. This included organising foreign language tuition both in-house and in local companies. She was also in charge of sourcing new translators, receiving their CVs and references which were then checked and processed by the Project Managers.

As Andiamo! grew and an office opened in Leeds, Sue moved to a sales role, handling customer care and maintaining contact with prospects and clients. Sue loves chatting to customers, so the role was perfect for her. After the Cirencester office relocated, Sue stayed with us working remotely on a part-time basis in the same sales capacity.

Sue gets across to Spain to visit her friends as often as she can and loves swimming in the sea! In her retirement, she’s looking forward to more trips to Spain. She also hopes to join the Cirencester U3A as there are a couple of Spanish speaking groups where she can keep doing what she loves most – speaking Spanish!

I’m sure you’ve all spoken to Sue a lot over the years and will be sad to see her go. Sue, it has been a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best in your retirement.

Note from Miranda, General Manager:

I’ve worked with Sue for all of her 21 years and am definitely going to miss her! Sue has been extremely loyal to Andiamo, hard-working, trustworthy and I’ve definitely appreciated her work ethic and the rapport she built up with customers.

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