Kapitex is a leading medical device company that develops and manufactures laryngectomy and tracheostomy medical devices. Each medical device is accompanied by a detailed airway management instruction for use (IFU).

Kapitex exports its devices all over the world, so requires multilingual translation and typesetting by specialist medical translators. We spoke to Kapitex to find out why they chose to partner with Andiamo! several years ago and why our specialist medical translation service is so important for them.


Why did you originally choose Andiamo! to provide your translations?

Competitive quotes and excellent response times.

Why is it important to you to have accurate translations?

Having an accurate translation of the Instructions for Use is critical to ensuring the correct use of the medical device is communicated to the end user in the official language of the country.

How do you rate Andiamo’s customer service?

Andiamo! are responsive and friendly. A big plus is how flexible and resourceful they can be when urgent translations are needed. Andiamo! also have a very good working relationship with our graphic designer and are able to provide the translation files direct.

How do you rate the quality of the translations?

We have the assurance of the Instructions for Use being translated by medical professional translators and Andiamo! being accredited to ISO 17100:2015. Whilst performing post market surveillance on our medical devices, we look at customer complaints. I am pleased to say we have had no customer complaints reported against any of the Instruction for Use translations.


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