Kiln Flame Systems specialise in combustion equipment and engineering services. Their material is highly technical and requires specialist technical translators for the written elements and specialist technical interpreters for training.


“In late 2018 KFS (a UK Company) were undertaking the installation and commissioning of a new lime recovery rotary kiln burner and ancillary equipment in Austria. As part of the scope we were asked to provide training material translated into Austrian German language (undertaken by Andiamo).

In order to present the training material in a classroom environment, it was going to be important that we had an interpreter present who could convey the important parts of the training to the operators and be available to take questions and report back the answers.

KFS approached Andiamo (who normally undertake all of our technical translations) to see if they could assist. Within a couple of days they had found a suitable candidate based in Vienna. The candidate was happy to travel to site (staying locally) and over a 3 day period attended the classroom sessions.

We were extremely impressed with interpreter who was well received on site and interacted with the trainees to ensure that any technical difficulties were overcome and understood. We can certainly recommend Andiamo for supplying this service and will not hesitate to use them again on future projects.”

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