7 reasons you should use a language service provider

23rd August 2017

Emily Robertshaw


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Your language service provider serves as a single point of contact. You will usually be assigned one Project Manager who will handle the project from start to finish and liaise with all of the translators or interpreters for you. So, if you have a 10-language translation project, you won’t need to send emails back and forth to 10 separate translators, which will save you a lot of time and hassle.



The Project Managers working for your language service provider are highly skilled in managing foreign language projects. Project Managers are usually linguists too, many having studied translation themselves, so have an in-depth understanding of how the translation process works and what they need from freelancers.



Your LSP has access to a large database of experienced linguists. This means that if your regular translator is on holiday or is ill your Project Manager can quickly find another.



Within their extensive database of freelance linguists, there are people who specialise in a particular sector or type of document. Therefore, your LSP has the resources to find you a specialist marketing translator for your new marketing materials or a specialist legal translator for your Terms of Business, so you can rest assured they are familiar with your industry or with the subject matter of the documents.



If, like Andiamo, your language service provider complies with ISO standards, they will regularly assess all linguists for quality using rigorous testing procedures. They know which qualifications and experience freelancers need to have in order to be reliable. Therefore, only freelancers who meet the strict criteria will be assigned your language projects.



Your LSP has translation memory technology. So, if you’re launching a similar product to one you launched last year with a very similar press release to accompany it, your maintained translation memory will ensure all of the terminology is consistent with the previous literature. Using the translation memory will also reduce the cost for you.



Your language service provider will ensure the translation meets your high-quality expectations. For example, Project Managers at Andiamo! always perform a thorough quality assurance check on each translation to give you extra peace of mind.

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