ISO 14001 + 5 energy saving tips for your office

29th November 2012

Emily Robertshaw

Andiamo! was recently awarded the ISO 14001 environmental quality standard (which essentially means we’re constantly doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment).

To celebrate, we’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you to raise environmental and energy awareness in your office and to save on your electricity bills too!


Tip 1: Stop reboiling the kettle!

Not only is this a huge waste of energy, it’s expensive too! Also, do you really need to fill the kettle all the way up to the top for just a couple of cups..?


Tip 2: Turn off your computers at lunch

Give your eyes a break, get some fresh air and save some energy while you’re at it!


Tip 3: Speaking of lunch – popping out? Don’t all go in separate cars!

Don’t nip to the shops one-by-one – go together! Or send somebody out with a shopping list for the whole group.


Tip 4: Heating on and windows open?

Some people hot, some people cold? Try rearranging your seating plan: Put those who get cold nearer the radiators and those who like to be cooler further away!

Try to agree on the average office temperature and encourage those who feel the cold to bring in an extra layer or two.


Tip 5: Turn those printers and photocopiers off over the weekend!

You’d be surprised by the amount of printers and photocopiers that people leave on at weekends when nobody uses them. Organise a rota so that someone switches them off last thing on a Friday and back online ready for work on Monday morning.


Every little helps

Even by talking about the above five tips you will start to raise awareness of energy use in your workplace.

This is great because it doesn’t just get people thinking about the energy they use at work. It also gets everyone thinking about their energy usage at home too.


Find out more about ISO 14001!

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