Helping a luxury car manufacturer export to foreign markets

The United Kingdom is the second largest producer of premium vehicles in Europe, with the automotive industry employing 186,000 people in the UK alone. Our client is one of the biggest, luxury sports car manufacturers in Britain. They pride themselves on providing customers with the ultimate unforgettable experience.

In 2007 our client was looking for a translation company who could help sell their luxurious brand to give customers overseas the same unique experience as in the UK. They export their vehicles to markets across the globe with increasing demand in China and the Middle East.

Andiamo! was one of several companies to be shortlisted to work with the luxury car manufacturer but we were delighted to be selected as the sole language service provider going forward.

We regularly translate documents such as:

We always use the same specialist engineering and automotive translators for this client who are extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and in the company ethos and how they want their brand to be perceived.

In addition to translation, we also provide interpreters in a variety of languages to help foreign delegates and customers in conferences and on factory tours. Andiamo! continues to work regularly with Britain’s biggest, luxury sports car manufacturer.

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